Posted on: Oct 21, 2010
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Porsche Placing a Hybrid Model in Each Line

Fuel efficiency is quickly becoming the name of the game in the auto industry, and it's not limited to just our average run-of-the-mill Toyotas anymore. Luxury carmakers like Porsche are also getting with the times with more fuel efficient systems in their vehicles. Starting with the 2011 Cayenne and Panamera, Porsche have begun its venture down the green technology path, and plans to extend fuel-saving technology across its entire model range.

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This transition will not come easily for Porsche. Luckily, both the Cayenne and Panamera use a front-engine layout which made fitting an electric motor easy, but this system won't work on the company's mid- and rear-engine models. Nonetheless, Porsche has vowed to hybridize all of its models, while also raising efficiency by including a 10-percent reduction in weight, increasing the use of carbon fiber, and even returning four-cylinder engines.