Tuned Bentley Continental Supersports - Tuned

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Anderson Germany tuners have done it again. The Bentley Continental Supersports is known as the most powerful in the company's history, but Anderson Germany has found a way to give it a little more power and a boost. The tuning house has just completed a 590-horsepower tuned Balboni edition Lamborghini Gallardo, so it's exciting to see what they have in store. With the Supersports, the tuners have upped the hp from 621 to 685 hp.
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This boost is due to a remapped ECU, a new air filter, and a variable exhaust that also has the benefit of dropping 38 pounds. The car has also been fitted with Anderson's new body kit. The catch is that 300 sets will be produced, capable of fitting the standard GT, GTC, and Speed models as well.