Comments - Upcoming: Lotus Esprit

Published: Oct 13, 2010
Description: With all of the new concepts that Lotus rolled out at the Paris Motor Show, one of them was bound to be slated with the task of reviving the name Esprit. This new Esprit will have a lot to live up to....
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Andy Rogers Nov 18, 2010
Isn't it more into the line of fire of the 911 Turbo S, Ferrari 458 Italia, Mercedes SLS AMG, etc. with that price tag? It's a but more on the cheaper side but still
Andy Rogers Nov 18, 2010
It does look fantastic. I hope it will be as good as the old Esprits
Tyler Cook Nov 02, 2010
Have you ever seen the old esprit? This is an awesome replacement
Jaydee Mazier Oct 17, 2010
Man really lotus common it looks like a lambo I'm sorry it seems all of a sudden lotus has a huge identity problem I mean why can't they just have stayed the same all I got to say is I miss u crazy hot wheels lotus
Eduardo D Freitas Oct 15, 2010
It's really hard to say which one of the upcoming Lotus are the best
Oscar Millan Oct 13, 2010
of all cars lotus showed off recently, this one is the best
Description: It will have to compete with the legacy of previous generations of the car as well, James Bond wouldn't have driven anything sub par, and while he may be back in an Aston these, the new Esprit wi...
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Lorena Lopez Garcia Oct 13, 2010
that would be great is the next 007 film uses this car
Description: It's powered by a 5.0-liter forced induction V8 putting out a more than adequate 620 horsepower. A 3.4-second 0-60 time puts it near the front of the pack, and the top speed is said to be above ...
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