Posted on: Oct 12, 2010
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Concept: Kia Pop

Kia is calling its interesting new Pop concept "a striking image of future urban electric transport." Designed as a three-seater, all three occupants are meant to sit next to one another on a bench seat. As a pure electric, the Pop is meant to be a futuristic showcase of what urban transportation could be after the current generation of hybrids and electrics become outdated. Yes, Kia is looking way ahead into the future, but this pod-like styling has been seen in the sci-fi film "Minority Report."

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While Kia was not involved in any way with that film, they seem to have latched on to that concept of future transportation. With its oblong windows on the sides and windshield, the Pop supposedly provides excellent front vision for its occupants. Inside, Kia continues with this minimalist approach with only one button - everything else are touch screens and LED displays. In terms of power, it's equipped with lithium polymer gel batteries that provide power to the 50-kW electric motor, which has a supposed 100-mile range and top speed of 87 mph.
This offers the same performance as the current lithium ion battery, but with a 20% reduction in battery size and simpler manufacturing complexity. Charging time can either be 30 minutes on a high voltage charge or 6 hours with 230V. Chances are we won't be seeing the Pop on the streets anytime soon as a production car, but it's certainly something that'll be used as a guideline when designing and engineering future generations of electric cars.