Posted on: Oct 11, 2010
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Infiniti gives the 2011 G37 convertible the IPL treatment

Infiniti has announced that they will expand their Infiniti Performance Line (IPL), and now that the Coupe has been given the IPL upgrade, Infiniti has turned their attention to the G37 Convertible. Details like horsepower and price have yet to be released. With the concept shown at the Paris show, we know that the convertible will have the more aggressive body kit and graphite finished 19-inch wheels the G Coupe IPL got.

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Horsepower from the V6 engine is sure to be increased, but as yet it is unknown by how much. Since the regular G37 Convertible is slightly less powerful than the coupe version, it can be expected that there will be a similar gap in the power output for the IPL versions. Price is also guesswork, but most estimates put it in the neighborhood of $50,000.