Jay Traugott, Executive Editor

Jay Traugott was just nine years old when his grandfather gave him his first auto magazine which began his passion for cars. He was raised in Toledo, Ohio, the home of Jeep and the people who love them. After wrapping up a degree in Communications and English at Ohio University, he worked in online media and advertising for several years before making the switch to automotive journalism.

Michael Hines, Senior Editor

Michael Hines started his writing career at a trend-spotting website and has since dabbled in everything from sports editing to content marketing. His love for cars began when he acquired a 1988 RX-7 that looked like hell but ran incredibly. He recently joined the team as a writer and to develop the CarBuzz internship program.

Adam Lynton, Managing Editor

Adam Lynton was born and bred in London from where his most treasured childhood memories include riding shotgun in his uncle's red Ferrari Mondial and accompanying his dad in his yellow '78 Corvette Stingray on a classic car run. Getting banned from driving after the naughtiness of a Toyota MR2 caught him out once too often is a memory he'd rather forget. Later, the chilled-out charm of Thailand's Chiang Mai enchanted him for a few years where he worked as a Deputy Editor for a local publishing house.

Joel Patel, News Editor

After watching his father work on cars at a young age, Joel Patel has made it his goal to cover all aspects of the automotive industry. After graduating from college in Northern Virginia with a degree in Communications, he wrote for a couple of automotive websites before becoming an intern with CarBuzz. His most recent project is a ’92 Miata that he uses as a daily driver.

Gabe Beita Kiser, Senior Editor

Gabe was bitten by the car bug as an infant and his love for all things on four wheels only grew as he got older. He attended the University of Arizona and majored in Sustainable Built Environments. Despite his aspirations to help green the world, Gabe still loves loud and powerful engines and the thrill of hooning.

James Allen, Associate Editor

James Allen is a writer based out of the leafy village of Southwater in the UK, and has an interest in anything powered by internal combustion. Having written for a few other motoring websites and graduated with a Journalism degree from Southampton Solent University, James is now an intern at Carbuzz.

Brian Grabianowski, Contributing Editor

Brian first learned about his passion for cars while underneath his 1991 Z32 in a friend’s driveway, worming his fingertips through intricate webs of wiring and hoses just to change an alternator. From then on his passion for automobiles evolved. He has drifted in an ‘87 RX-7, did mountain races in a Mustang, and had many other adventures before finally settling down with a 1991 240sx. Brian loves racing and hopes to one day work in Formula 1 or as a MotoGP journalist.

Jared Rosenholtz, Associate Editor

Jared Rosenholtz has been able to identify cars before he could read the badges. His love for them led him to become the president of the Car Club at the University of Central Florida. He wrote his senior thesis on the Imported Vehicle Safety Compliance Act, known to most as the 25-year import ban. His passion for cars has brought him to CarBuzz.

Ankith Harathi, Contributing Editor

Ankith Harathi was born an avid car and motorcycle enthusiast. His motorcycle restoration business in high school, which he started with his father, further developed this passion. He went on to study Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell University, where he was the Cooling System team lead for Cornell's Formula Racing team (FSAE). He currently works in management consulting in the greater Boston area; however, his love for cars inspires him to contribute to CarBuzz.